Dissertation and Honours Project Finished

Dissertation and Honours project have been handed in.
Exposition has been set up as of Today along with submission of DVD and blog link.

Now to wait for the exposition.

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Honours Project – Learning Contract and other stuff

Currently adjusting my learning contract to account for the changes in my aims and objectives, and to account for the change in visual style.

I have also managed to bake out the 3 simulations from testing to an EXE, that can be played as a self contained game.

I will be spending the weekend 5th and 6th of May organising my Honours Project Submission for the 11th of May.

The coming week also involves setting my exposition, which I have gotten poster organised for and business cards etc. I’m considering extending the visual elements of the display to make it more interesting, will need to draw up plans to the effect.

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Dissertation Draft Part 2

Finally on to the conclusion section of my dissertation, still have future work and abstract to do, but mostly there. Will submit my draft to academic resources for review.

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Dissertation First Draft Update

I struggled for a long time with exhaustion and illness over the last few weeks but i seem to have gotten over the worst of it. I spent last week helping my colleague Evlampia Mavridou with her interactive narrative (for which I am doing sound and music).

Now however my focus is fully back on my dissertation write up. I finally fixed the earlier chapters of my dissertation so that they make sense with the new adjusted aim and research question, and as we speak i am half way through my results write up, with only the discussion and future work to go. It is my hope that this will be completed by Friday 27th April. I hope to arrange a meeting with an academic advisor to go over my dissertation to weed out grammatical and structure problems in the draft etc.

More soon.

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Testing & Dissertation

So last week April 2nd – 6th I ran testing for my honours project. I managed to get 13 people in to run through my simulations. I am currently transferring the results into a digital format in order to put the data into graphs.

I have started the methodology sections of my dissertation as well.  My motivation is a bit low at the moment, but I’m putting that down to being near the end of year.

I am going to try and arrange a meeting in order to interpret the data into graph form and a form that makes sense in dissertation layout etc.

There will be more on this soon.

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Scenario Map Progress – Cues and Simple Audio

Another quick demo of my progress with my scenario map in UDK. Getting quite a bit done and i’m reasonably happy with my progress. More soon…

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Reverb Volume Test

Test involving ambient zones and reverb volumes in UDK, testing various acoustic properties of music in a multi room building.

Moving from one Room to another will result in a variance in volume, and frequency i.e. high frequencies taken out, muffled under water sound.

Check out video below of rough demo of this feature.

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